Railcars For Sale Or Lease

For Lease – Ten (10) 286 GRL Mill Gondolas

2750 CF 52′ Length Mill Gondolas for lease. Free Move on CSX. Built 2016.

For Sale – 80 – 5700-5820 CF Pellet Hoppers

Up to eighty (80) plastic pellet covered hoppers for sale. Located in TX. 268,000 GRL 1979-1980 Built. Price $12,500 per car.

5125 CF 286GRL Pressure Differential Covered Hoppers

Thirteen (13) large cube pressure differential covered hoppers for lease. 5120 Cubic Foot 286,000 capacity. Hempel 15500 Lining. Food Grade. Available January 2020.

3250 CF Pressure Differential Hoppers – 286GRL

20 – 3250 cubic foot pressure differential covered hoppers. Free Move Possible. 286,000 GRL. Available in 90 days. 2017 built by ARI. Unlined.

4240 CF Tub Bottom Gondola

Seven (7) Tub Gondolas for lease. 4240 Cubic Foot 263,000 capacity. Possible free move. Available Immediately.

General Purpose Tank Cars

23,500 Coiled/Insulated Tank Cars for lease. 263,000 GRL. Some cars are equipped with lining.

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