Flat Cars

Everest Railcar Services Inc. has been leasing and selling top of the line American railcars since 2001.

Flat Rail Cars For Sale & Lease

Everest Railcar Services Inc. provides a wide range of different railcars to support the material transport needs of our customers. Our flat rail cars for sale and lease are one of the basic railcar designs that can be fully modified to transport a wide range of different commodities.


Superior Flat Rail Cars

Our non-intermodal flat cars are available in several options with a size range of between 60 to 89 feet. Whether you opt for flat rail cars for sale or a flat rail car for lease, we can supply the right options. Flat cars can be configures with or without bulkheads, with steel decks and wood, and they can be configured to ship specific products. We are proud to offer the most dynamic and robust rail cars on the market to serve our customers nationwide.

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