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Everest Railcar Services, Inc.

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Everest Railcar Services, Inc. is the premier railcar leasing company in the industry specializing in the sale and leasing of many railcar types. Since 2001, we have worked extremely hard to source the best railcars in the market to provide to our customers. Our railcar focus includes boxcars, flat car, open top hoppers, covered hoppers, gondolas, and tank cars. Whether you are looking for a railcar for sale or a railcar to lease, you can depend on us to provide the right railcar products.

Covered Hoppers

At Everest Railcar, we offer a plethora of Covered Hopper Types for sale or lease. We inspect all of our railcars prior to lease to insure they perform the way you need and expect. Have complete peace of mind knowing that we provide the best covered hopper railcars to suit your needs.

Covered Hoppers are used to keep your product dry while allowing for quick and easy product removal. Our inventory of covered hoppers includes a variety of sizes and configurations to best meet your transport needs. Our options in covered hoppers for lease include sizes ranging from 2,700 to 6,500 cu. ft. We can lease standard covered hoppers with gravity and pneumatic gates as well as pressure differential covered hoppers. If you need something special, we also have expertise in modifying covered hoppers to fit a specific need.

Flat Cars

Our non-intermodal flat cars are available in several options with a size range of between 60 to 89 feet. Whether you opt for flat rail cars for sale or a flat rail car for lease, we can supply the right options. Our flat rail cars are available with or without bulkheads, with steel decks and wood deck configurations they can be configured to ship specific products. We are proud to offer the most dynamic and robust rail cars on the market to serve our customers nationwide.

When you need the best quality American railcars, look no further than Everest Railcar Services, Inc. Our flat rail cars are high capacity and are an exceptional combination of performance and durability. For the best in flat railcars, you can depend on Everest Railcar Services Inc.

We always aim to exceed your expectations. Contact us to learn more about the flat railcars we have for lease or sale.


Whether you need a gondola railcar for sale or gondola railcars for lease, we can provide you with the right options. Designed as an open box on wheels gondolas are to be loaded and unloaded from the top side of the car. These robust and efficient rail cars vary in size from 2000-8000 cu.ft. including many sizes in between. Everest specialized in both Mill Gondolas (52’ & 65’) and High Side (4000-4240 CF) Gondolas may have flat or tub bottoms and they can be constructed of an aluminum or strong steel welded body.
With the gondola rail car, you can securely transport weather resistant materials of all types across great distances. In addition, these fully featured rail cars can come equipped with rotary couplers to ensure high-speed unloading. For the maximum efficiency in transport, a gondola rail car is an ideal solution. Scrap Steel, rail, finished steel, woodchips, and C&D are just some of the commodities best suited for Gondolas.

Open Top Hoppers

Open-Top hoppers are top loaded and unloaded from the bottom of the cars via manual or air operated gates. They are available in a range of sizes including a range of 2,300 cubic feet to 5,000+ cubic feet. Open top hoppers come fully equipped with open tops and bottom outlets. They provide the option to transport a wide variety of products securely. Whether you are moving aggregates, salt, gravel or other materials, open top hoppers are a robust solution.

Open top hoppers are a great choice for many weather resistant goods. Contact us to learn more about the railcar options we have for lease or sale.

Tank Cars

Everest Railcar Services, Inc. can provide you with the best tank car for your needs including both general purpose and pressure tank cars for sale or for lease. We have a fully featured fleet that ranges in size from 20,000 gallons to 33,500 gallons. Our rail tank cars for sale are available with insulation, steam coils, linings, along with various custom fittings and valves. Specialty tank cars can also be provided upon customer request.

We serve the needs of our customers with an unwavering commitment to excellence in the railcar industry.

Whether you need a tank rail car for lease or for sale, we can supply the best options for your needs. Contact us to learn more about the tank cars we have for lease and sale.

Secure Transportation

Our clients ship a wide range of different commodities such as liquid gases, crude oil, scrap steel, clay, sand, cement, plastic pellets, petroleum products, coal, grain, and salt.

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